Lombard Odier

Company overview:

Lombard Odier is a leading global wealth and asset manager. For 222 years and through 40 financial crises the Group has combined innovation and prudence to align itself with the long-term interests of private and institutional clients. The Group is solely owned by its Managing Partners, has a highly liquid balance sheet and is very well capitalised.

Lombard Odier provides a complete offering of wealth services, including succession planning, discretionary and advisory portfolio management, and custody. Asset management services are offered through Lombard Odier Investment Managers (LOIM). The Group has also created cutting-edge banking technology which is distributed to other financial institutions.

The Group had total client assets of USD 281 billion at 31 December 2017. Headquartered in Geneva since 1796, the Group has 27 offices in 23 jurisdictions and employs 2,400 people.

For more information: www.lombardodier.com



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Asia’s Private Clients and the Evolution of Privat... What is the state of demand today in Asia for private market assets, why, and how is the wealth management industry developing its offering? Is now the right time for private clients to diversify further to private equity or debt? Has the supply of funding from all types of sources inclined the game...

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Apr 13, 2023   

Asian Private Clients and their Adoption of ESG and Sustainability in their Investment Portfolios If there is a major investment wave to ride in the world today, it is surely the wave of ESG, impact and sustainability. It originated actually some decades ago in the US and Europe, and in recent years has really gained power and momentum and is now flooding the investment landscape worldwide, and...

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Generating Alpha in the Expanding Universe of Asian Fixed Income Dhiraj Bajaj, Head of Asian fixed income at Lombard Odier considers Asian credit as a new asset class within the global fixed income market. He explained to delegates at the Hubbis Independent Wealth Management Forum how selectivity is essential and why adopting the correct, long-term strategies are...