Middle East Wealth Management Forum 2020 - Exclusive Insights - Oliver Muggli

Oliver Muggli of 1291 Group

Jan 31, 2020

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1. How can a Family Office add more value to its wealthy clients?

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1. How can a Family Office add more value to its wealthy clients?

So, if you look at the market over the last couple of years, we have seen a lot of family offices being established in Asia and the Middle East. I wouldn't really call them ‘typical family offices’ like we have gotten to know them in Europe and in the US. They're more purely focusing on investment management. And we believe there are a lot more elements to it, to a proper family office. And if you look at this situation of wealthy families, they live in a very complex world. Wealth is being passed on to the next generation, the regulatory environment, investment challenges, et cetera. They need assistance in a lot of areas, and I think a family office should position itself as a one-stop shop for these wealthy families to assist them and to support them in other elements than just investment management. So I believe this offers a lot of opportunities for a family office to really guide these wealthy families through these challenges. I see wealth planning, estate planning, as an important element where a family office can add value. Investment controlling, strategic asset allocation, and here, maybe less so, the asset management being done in-house, but more sort of as an independent platform in governing this whole thing. And then it goes on to other things like specialty financing solutions, immigration advice, et cetera. So a lot to add.



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