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Company overview:

The 1291 Group Ltd is a global financial services group, offering tailor-made wealth protection plans to private individuals and investment professionals.

“1291” in our group name refers to the historical year of birth of Switzerland.

We count on a high-performance team of experts with many years of experience in wealth protection, international tax, legal and compliance issues, as well as, the use of insurance, pension, and other investment vehicles.

Our private clients are high net worth families from all over the world. Since 2000 we have been helping them protect their family assets and interests. As the gatekeeper of their wealth, we focus on tailoring long-term compliant solutions that cover our clients' needs and leave flexibility for adjustments in the future. We have licensed insurance brokers in over 30 countries and we offer tax-compliant solutions for clients in over 40 countries.

Our institutional clients are mainly private banks, asset managers, and international insurance companies. The length and depth of our experience and expertise allow us to combine a structured corporate approach with an entrepreneurial spirit. Our advice and solutions are practical and straight-to-the-point.

General Information:

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Wealth Solutions & Wealth Planning

Private Placement Life Insurance Benefits for Crypto and Other Investors The 1291 Group is excited to spearhead a wealth planning solution for investors, especially those holding crypto assets. With regulatory risks eroding the value of crypto holdings and increasing the friction of crypto-to-fiat off-ramps, cry...

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The Growing Appeal of Private Placement Life Insur... HNW Life Insurance Solutions have certainly been centre stage in Asia’s dynamic, expansive wealth market for many years and have made a significant contribution to the revenues of many banks and private wealth managers across the region. And today life solutions are even more in favour than ever bef...

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Nov 15, 2022   

HUBBIS DIGITAL WEALTH FORUM - Dubai 2022 Hubbis is delighted to announce we will be hosting the 2022 HUBBIS DIGITAL WEALTH FORUM on - Tuesday 15th November at the Shangri-La Dubai The event will feature our half-day-plus format to deliver the most efficient and engaging discussions and networking, beginning at 9.00am and ending at 1.00p...

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Middle East

Value-added Family Office Services beyond Asset Management: A World Awaits​​​​​​​ Oliver Muggli, Managing Partner of 1291 Private Office, which is part of the Swiss boutique advisory firm 1291 Group, addressed delegates at the Hubbis Middle East Wealth Management Forum to highlight how a Family Office can add far more value to wealthy families than simply managing their assets an...

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