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We provide outsourced Chief Investment officer services and advisory services for External Asset Managers and Wealth Management businesses. High-quality investment advice and product platforms can be expensive to assemble, but your clients would expect nothing less. Much of what a wealth business needs are generic to the whole industry. Each business typically wants investment proposals, regular reports to share with clients, research on investment themes, quality strategic asset allocation and inputs on tactical asset allocation, no matter the scale of the business. Equally, you want to share the very best advice on product selection from mutual funds to structured products through to alternatives such as real estate. The crucial difference between The Global CIO office and other investment advisory firms is that we give independent investment advice and we are not motivated by placing the in-house product with you.

Our approach is to be genuinely independent of product providers. Our service include Strategic Asset Allocation, Tactical Asset Allocation, Wealth Management Product Platform Design and Maintenance, Alternatives, Fund Due Diligence, Structured Products, Financing, Research and Communication with Wealth Management Clients.


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Oct 1, 2020   

Converting Asia’s Clients to the Logic of DPM A gradual but extremely important shift is underway in the approach of Asia’s wealth management community as private banks, and independent asset management firms strive to boost the prevalence of discretionary portfolio management (DPM) and advisory solutions and thereby decrease their tradit...