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Regnan Turns Spotlight on the Principles of Impact Investing and its Value for Asian Investors As an affiliate of  J O Hambro Company Management (JOHCM), responsible investment fund manager Regnan has the mandate to focus on delivering innovative and credible sustainable and impact investment solutions. It leverages its history of more than two decades of experience at the forefront of the in...

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Asia’s Wealth Management Industry: Adapting to the... On April 29, Hubbis hosted a fascinating discussion on how the wealth management industry in Asia can or perhaps should adapt its products, services and indeed mindset to cater to the needs and expectations of the next generations of Asia’s private clients, some of whom will inherit increasing volum...

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Insurance Solutions for Wealth Management and Legacy Planning in Asia Is demand from Asia’s wealthy clients for life insurance solutions rising, and what applications does the industry see for legacy or tax planning? Is Universal Life still the go-to product, or are other solutions rising in prominence, such as Variable Universal Life, Private Placement Life Insurance...