Asset Management

Company overview:

Kilde is a fixed income investment platform that disrupts term deposits. We offer terms from 3 to 36 months with an 8-13% yearly return, and interest paid monthly. We generate high but safe returns by lending funds to leading consumer and SME lending companies in Asia and Europe. 

Kilde is regulated by the Monetary Authority of Singapore as a financial institution dealing in securities and an exempt financial adviser. Our senior team has 30+ years of experience in consumer and SME lending. We serve 200+ individual and institutional investors who gave us more than USD 9,500,000 in exchange for an average net return of 11.46%. 

Description of Product/Service

Kilde brings productive income investments to the masses. We use data science to discover suitable investments and arrange them into private bonds, which can be purchased by qualified investors through our in-house developed highly scalable investment platform.

In addition, we have built cutting-edge credit risk analytics software for selecting the best investment opportunities supported by our expertise in consumer and SME finance.

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