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Tuan Huynh

Chief Investment Officer and Head of DPM, Asia Pacific

Deutsche Bank Wealth Management

Tuan Huynh is currently the regional Head of Portfolio Management for Asia Pacific. He is responsible for all discretionary mandates such as multi-asset portfolios, fixed income portfolios and equity portfolios.

Tuan started his apprenticeship in 1993 at Deutsche Bank. Thereafter he studied Business Administration focusing on finance and banks at Düsseldorf University. During this time he had several internships in Germany at Deutsche Bank. After graduation in 1999, he started working as a portfolio manager for private clients at Deutsche Bank in Düsseldorf where he was responsible for benchmark strategies and portfolios with special directives. In April 2004, Tuan moved to Frankfurt and was responsible for benchmark portfolios and investment funds within Private Asset Management (PAM), heading a team of portfolio managers with total assets under management of ca. one billion Euro. He had the responsibility for the investment performance of all benchmark portfolio strategies within Private Asset Management.