Middle East Wealth Management Forum 2020 - Testimonials - Ismael Hajjar

Ismael Hajjar of EY

Jan 31, 2020

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1. What are your observations on today’s event?

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1. What are your observations on today’s event?

Overall, the event was really good, really useful. And you've managed clearly to attract a big crowd and very diversified crowd from within the asset management industry and all the service providers that, let's say, provide service to the wealth owners too. So I think the diversity and the quality of the people was very good. I couldn't attend the whole day and listen to all the presentation, but generally, again, there was a consistency in the level of quality of the speakers and the presentation. And I'd say that unlike some of your competitors' event, most of the presentation were not commercial, so people trying to share knowledge and not trying to sell something, which I personally appreciate.



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