Middle East Wealth Management Forum 2020 - Exclusive Insights - Tomasz Bortnik - 2

Tomasz Bortnik of Citi

Jan 31, 2020

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1. What innovative investment solutions are HNW clients looking for?

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1. What innovative investment solutions are HNW clients looking for?

That one I think is a little bit cyclical, if you think about the answer to this. I mean, it's not that there is one type of product that the investors want. What they do want is products that address the current economic cycle a little bit, and what they think might be coming next. To give you two very good examples is the fixed maturity plans, especially in this market, have been very popular over the period of the last two years. Fixed maturity plans is basically like it's like a bond; it's a fund that has many bonds backed into it with a fixed maturity. That has been very, very popular and there are good reasons for that, I believe, in the current kind of microeconomic cycle. The next thing, if we look at the cycle, would be principal protection ideas, which, given where we are in the cycle, there is always some theme that investors are kind of looking for to address their perception of the market and what they think might be coming next or the general industry at large thinks what might be coming next. So now what we are seeing, for instance, is a little bit of a trend to first of all multi-asset and secondly, principal protection, I would say are the type of two themes of innovation where customers are expecting us to structure products or offer third-party products around these particular themes. And I think that that trend will keep on developing. As in it's not that it's always this particular product type the customers want. It is what is currently happening in the market and what you think might best address that particular situation that is the driver.



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