Investment Solutions Forum 2019 SG - Exclusive Insights - Anand Ramachandran - 2

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1. Equity – where is best to invest today?

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1. Equity – where is best to invest today?

We find a lot of opportunities right now in China. Investors have been indiscriminately selling down equities in China because of the current US-China trade war issues. When you look at the market place, we find a lot of attractive ideas where stocks are trading with strong cash flows, giving dividends back to investors, and they are trading at fees which are less than the dividend yield. These are classic value investment opportunities. The other market where we find a lot of ideas is Indonesia, which has just gone through a political cycle. We have now had five years of stability with the government back in and investors have ignored the fact that this is one market which gives you very high real rates. And going forward, we most probably are going to see a new easing cycle, which will be positive for the equity markets.

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