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Independent Wealth Management Forum 2019 HK - Highlights - Chris Ryan

Chris Ryan of Axial Partners

Oct 28, 2019

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1. What are the opportunities and challenges for this industry?

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1. What are the opportunities and challenges for this industry?

When you look at where the independent wealth management industry is today, I think it has to move away from sort of an over-reliance on funds and towards a more individualised delivery of investment portfolios to clients. Obviously we believe in managed accounts, but there's a lot more flexibility in terms of accommodating ESG, sustainability, other kinds of interests, and biases that do tend to drive investor preferences these days. When we look at the feedback we're getting from investors right now, they're worried about the cost of investing. But not just the running cost, it's the cost of getting in and getting out. With a managed account platform, you're getting a lot more flexibility, and we really think that's the way (to go); the US market has gone that way, a lot of Europe's going that way, and Asia is going to go that way, too, so I guess we have to become familiar with this new world.

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