Compliance in Asian Wealth Management Forum 2020 - Testimonials - John Shoemaker - Butler Snow

John Shoemaker of Butler Snow

Jan 24, 2020

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1. What are your observations on today’s event?

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1. What are your observations on today’s event?

One of the key elements of compliance is there is no advantage in being an outlier when it comes to compliance. So events like today's event where Hubbis brings together a wide variety of attendees and covers a wide variety of topics are absolutely integral for any attendee to get a sense of how their colleagues and competitors are dealing with these issues so you can slot right in and hide in the pack. No one wants to be trailing behind or too far ahead when it comes to complying with the various regulations or rules that confront us today. You want to find that nice little niche in the middle where you're doing efficiently what others are doing, but able to then differentiate yourself on the value side to your clients.



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