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Visa invites Start-Ups in Asia Pacific to build Next Generation Digital Payment Capabilities

Visa, the world leader in digital payments, is looking for start-ups from across Asia Pacific to join the second cohort of their accelerator program.

The Visa Accelerator Program focuses on helping start-ups in Asia Pacific expand their business into new markets with a strong emphasis on identifying commercial opportunities for the start-ups to collaborate with Visa and its extensive network of bank, merchant and government partners in the region, the firm explained in a press release.

"As the world transitions from a pandemic to an endemic state, there is great demand for digital-first experiences that shape new thinking around digital currencies and open data. And many start-ups have developed new innovations to tap these opportunities," said Chris Clark, regional president, Asia Pacific, Visa. "At Visa, we want to support these start-ups by helping them go from a local success story to a regional player, providing guidance and connections to navigate the complexities of entering new markets."

The Visa Accelerator Program is designed for start-ups that have launched successful solutions in their home markets but are looking towards the next stage of growth. As a network working for everyone, Visa is uniquely positioned to help start-ups break into new geographies and reach new customer groups.

Money movement, digital currencies, open data and B2B as key focus areas

With increased expectations for digital-first experiences from consumers and businesses, start-ups in the 2022 cohort will tackle some of the most pressing financial and technological opportunities in Asia Pacific:

  • Simplifying and expanding money movement between consumers, businesses and governments to enable new ways to pay and be paid, domestically and internationally
  • Delivering new innovative payment methods such as digital currencies through the development and adoption of blockchain
  • Leveraging the open data environment to facilitate advanced decision-making and scoring capabilities in the areas of digital identity, consent management, credit scoring as well as risk and fraud management
  • Offering differentiated and personalised shopping experiences through new credit models, buy now pay later and loyalty solutions
  • Accelerating the digitisation of businesses by streamlining credit underwriting solutions and developing mobile-first solutions for supply chain management

Helping start-ups scale their business

Visa introduced the Accelerator Program in Asia Pacific in December 2020. Start-ups from the first cohort include Brankas, a FinTech that provides financial software and solutions; Curlec, a subscription management platform that facilitates recurring payments and disbursements; DigitSecure, an omnichannel acceptance platform; ModusBox, an open-source platform for real-time payments and Open, a neo-banking platform for small businesses. The start-ups concluded their activities with a product pitch to hundreds of Visa's clients and partners across the region.