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HSBC launches AI-powered structured product for private banking clients in Asia

Forward-looking multi asset index leverages IBM Watson’s Artificial Intelligence (AI) engine to deliver resilient returns in changing market conditions.

HSBC Global Private Banking (“HSBC GPB”) clients in Asia can now invest in a structured product linked to an AI-driven multi asset index, Artificial Intelligence Powered Global Opportunities Index (“AiGO8”).

Developed by HSBC and EquBot, AiGO8 is a rules-based investment strategy featuring IBM Watson’s1 AI engine and other patented technologies to help turn data into investment insights and forecast techniques to optimise asset allocation.

The index provides global diversification with opportunistic exposure to 18 assets (spanning global equities, fixed income, inflation sensitive assets) and cash. The portfolio is rebalanced weekly to remain nimble and seek resilient growth.

Featuring a 100% floor at maturity2, the structured product enables participation in the full upside performance of the investment strategy and limited downside to navigate market volatility. It was manufactured by HSBC Markets and Securities and currently available exclusively to HSBC’s Global Private Banking clients and clients with professional investor and accredited investor status booked in Hong Kong and Singapore.


Siew Meng Tan, Regional Head of HSBC Global Private Banking, Asia Pacific, said: “We are absolutely committed to providing our clients with the solutions they need to help them navigate this fast-changing environment and build future-fit portfolios. This innovative solution is another such example.”


Stefan Lecher, Regional Head of Investments and Wealth Solutions, Asia Pacific, HSBC, said: “Our clients look to us first for actionable ideas and portfolio-level advice to keep them on track to achieving their objectives. Against this dynamic backdrop, the launch of AiGO8 underscores our ability to move quickly to deliver relevant solutions that leverage cutting-edge technology.”