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Alan began his career in legal publishing producing market-leading content for professionals in legal, tax and regulatory sectors. Digitisation of traditional content was a key feature of that role and he took that experience with him to the Financial Conduct Authority, the UK's financial services watchdog, where he overhauled the digital version of the FCA's Handbook with the aim of producing machine-readable rules. This coincided with the rise of RegTech and Alan joined Apiax in 2019 to deliver on the huge potential of making compliance easy for everyone. Linkedin:

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Wealth in Asia – the Drive to Improve Business Processes, Efficiencies and Compliance 2021 produced a bumper year for the profits of the private banks and other wealth management leaders, as mainstream markets performed well, as investors diversified further into private and alternative assets, as more clients were inclined to test out advisory and DPM, and as more robust wealth esta....

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