What digital expectations do clients have?

Alison Brown, Director & Head of Sales, Wholesale Business, Hong Kong and China at HSBC Global Asset Management discussed about digital expectations clients have.

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1. What digital expectations do clients have?

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1. What digital expectations do clients have?

I think there's an increasing interest in digital and their expectations are rising. And that goes sort of along the investment journey, everywhere from the discovery right through to the investment; tailoring the investment, having competitive products to look at, having chat bots, whatever it is that they want. And also, then the seamless transactions clients are wanting a very easy flow through process. The other side where I think digital's increasing in expectation is also on the engagement; the tailoring of communications for clients, giving clients relevant information at the right time. So, I think overall the whole process from discovery all the way through to engagement and obviously with communication is digitally enhanced.

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