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What are the opportunities and challenges for the year ahead? - David MacDonald

David MacDonald of Hubbis

Mar 20, 2019

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1. What opportunities and challenges do you see for the year ahead?

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1. What opportunities and challenges do you see for the year ahead?

The challenges the practitioners face, perhaps, I don't know that they've changed very much. The challenge of remaining relevant, the challenge of retaining clients, a challenge of genuinely delivering something that clients value, other than just being transactional hubs around which clients decisions are made, the challenge of strengthening and building relationships in a market where still I hear lots of advisors tell me clients don't really want a relationship, they just want someone to do what they need to do. That would be a challenge. Opportunity, I think, on the flip side, same argument. Opportunity to actually show that you are capable of building a solid relationship, that you can show some empathy with the client, that you have an understanding more than just about how much money they've got and how much they're trying to generate and return from that, but understand a little more deeply, and more profoundly why are they looking to invest? What are they looking to protect? What are their goals and aspirations? What are their dreams?

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