What are Malta’s solutions in wealth management? - Federico Vasoli

Federico Vasoli of FinanceMalta

Mar 19, 2019

Federico Vasoli, Director, dMTV Europe, Member of FinanceMalta at FinanceMalta discussed Malta’s solutions in wealth management.

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1. What are Malta’s solutions in wealth management?

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1. What are Malta’s solutions in wealth management?

Malta offers many solutions for investors. Malta's part of the European Union, it is a member of the British Commonwealth. So, it has adopted a mix of civil and common law. It is quite easy to do business in Malta. The tax system, the tax regime is very attractive. It is a fully transparent and white listed jurisdiction, vis-a-vis mainstream ones. So, there are no problems in setting up from a tax standpoint and setting up a structure in Malta. There are professional investment funds, that are the local, domestic investment funds. They are relatively cheap to set up and to maintain. They're extremely flexible in terms of asset classes they can invest in. Of course, being part of the European Union, you have alternative investment funds according to the MiFiD directive. Other sorts of investments could be those in residency and citizenship schemes. They are quite attractive, especially for non-European investors, high net wealth individuals. And finally, the property market. The property market is really going up. Considering Malta's growth. So, that could also be considered a particularly interesting investment to make.

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