Malaysian Wealth Management Forum 2019 - Highlights - Dominic Volek

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1. What are the challenges and opportunities for this industry?

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1. What are the challenges and opportunities for this industry?

The wealth management space is very competitive, particularly in the international financial centers; whether it's independent asset managers, family offices, EAMS, and of course the private banks themselves. What we've found, from the residence and citizenship planning perspective, is that this is very much becoming part of the discussion with high net worth individuals and their families. Of course, they're interested in investment products, diversification and insurance policies. A lot of topics in these areas are also addressed in the discussion residence and citizenship planning. A lot of the intermediaries we work with have clients asking them about these topics. We slot into this quite nicely by providing them with a different topic to discuss with their clients, and additional reasons to meet with their clients. This, in turn, provides an area in which they can help their clients when it comes to looking to either obtaining a second residence by investment, or even a secondary alternative citizenship by investment.

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