Malaysian Wealth Management Forum 2019 - Exclusive Insights - Dominic Volek

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1. How can Henley & Partners help HNWI clients in Malaysia?

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1. How can Henley & Partners help HNWI clients in Malaysia?

Malaysia is a really interesting market for us. It's a big growth area. In Malaysia you have a large expat community living here from the Middle East, from places like Bangladesh and India. We’re assisting a lot of these clients with citizenship by investment programs; these clients are looking for a citizenship, and therefore the right to own a passport of a second country. This gives them much greater mobility and travel freedom around the world, visa free access to the European Schengen area, the UK, Singapore, and Hong Kong. A lot of the time, these markets are often not available to these clients on a visa-free access basis. We also have a lot of Malaysian clients who are interested in places like the UK and Australia. Both these countries have interesting residence by investment programs; if you're financially independent and you have the financial capacity, you can invest into the UK or into Australia, into what they call their “investor visas”, in order to eventually obtain permanent residence. This also opens up options for wealthy families and their children in terms of education and working opportunities. These reasons are why clients are coming to us from Malaysia and are examples of how we are working with the banks and the financial advisors in the country.

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