Investment Solutions Forum 2019 SG - Exclusive Insights - Simon Lints

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1. What’s your USP at Schroders Wealth Management?

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1. What’s your USP at Schroders Wealth Management?

I think one of the biggest challenges in the local market is attracting good RMs to continue building the business. What we've managed to do, through our recent acquisition, is create essentially two business models, the traditional wealth management model but also through third party custody arrangements, allow good RMs to join us and leave their clients' assets in the banks where they currently are without having to transfer those over to us. So that makes this a very attractive proposition for high quality RMs who want to come and join us, stay close to their client, but not necessarily move their client assets to us. Those relationship managers also have visibility across all the clients' various bank accounts. So we're seeing the full spectrum of their assets and I think that places us particularly strongly to advise them very correctly and grew the business accordingly.

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