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Indonesian Wealth Management Forum 2019 - Exclusive Insights - Nagaraj Prasadh

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1. What does Intellect Design Arena do?

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1. What does Intellect Design Arena do?

Intellect is in the business of providing technology solutions and products for banks and financial institutions across the globe. Specifically in Asia, we are looking at countries like Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand, Singapore, Vietnam, to provide our customers with wealth management solutions - solutions which would reach out to the Relationship Manager (RM), make an impact with the customer, and make sure that they're equipped with the right amount of data and information to have an effective conversation, leading into (the RM) making informed decisions for the customer, balancing their portfolio, making sure that the investment is on the right track, and making sure that they are able to meet with the customer on-demand, and not with a lot of delays. So we are into the business of providing information to help RMs to make a difference in the life of a customer.

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