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Indonesian Wealth Management Forum 2019 - Exclusive Insights - Antony Dirga

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1. Any interest in ETFs? And interest in ESG?

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1. Any interest in ETFs? And interest in ESG?

We've seen definitely growing interest in ETFs in the market. The ETF market within the mutual fund industry has actually grown four-fold in the last four years or so; last count, it's slightly below Indonesia Rp15 trillion; most of the interest actually comes from the institutional investors, we're seeing a lot of demand. In fact, some of our institutional clients have actually been asking us to open up to ETF products as well, to diversify their investments. Of the second point, on ESG, we are seeing some growth there, but unfortunately not as fast as the growth of ETF products. People are getting more and more interested in ESG, perhaps more on the retail side as opposed to institutional side. So, it's actually on the flip side, versus ETFs.

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