Independent Wealth Mangers – Defining and Refining the Proposition

Adam Reynolds of Saxo

May 17, 2023

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  • What is the nature of a sustainable platform? And the challenges of creating a successful and profitable business?
  • How do you manage the increasing cost of IT, security and regulation?
  • Are the compliance standards higher or lower at Independent Wealth Managers? Do IAMs need a separate set of regulations in Singapore?
  • Are there consistent standards in this industry? Why is everyone's interpretation of rules and compliance different? How do you do things pragmatically and efficiently?
  • How do you manage differences in standards and expectations in different jurisdictions?
  • Why don’t IAMs take the same qualification as private bankers?
  • Are there too many duplications of effort – between the IAM and custodian bank?
  • Why don’t we introduce a portable KYC procedure in Singapore?


Adam Reynolds
Saxo Bank

Panel Members

Oliver Balmelli
Deputy Chief Executive Officer & Head Private Banking - Singapore
EFG Bank

Mauricio Ribeiro
MOIQ Capital

Michel Della Libera
Founder and Chief Executive Officer
OneRock Investments

Urs-Peter Oehen
Founder, Chairman
Expersoft Systems

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