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Independent Wealth Management Forum 2019 HK - Exclusive Insights - Joe Alim - 2

Joe Alim of Cult Wines

Oct 28, 2019

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1. What are the likely returns and benefits of investing in wine?

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1. What are the likely returns and benefits of investing in wine?

Wine is an alternative asset class. It's one that will provide investors with diversification away from the traditional asset classes. It is one that will provide a competitive rate of return with a low rate of volatility. And the long-term average for the wine market is just over 12%. I think in the current market conditions, people should expect between 7% and 10% per annum for their investment. And also, one of the advantages that wine has over other asset classes, and we're not here to say that you should invest in wine ahead of anything else, at the same time, you are buying into the wine market and then owning a collection of wine. So if you're passionate about wine, if you want to learn more about wine, that's something you can enjoy, knowing that you're going to have that competitive rate of return and other benefits that you would get from investing into an alternative asset class by buying into wine.

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