How will you generate income in 2019? - Arjan de Boer

Arjan de Boer, Deputy Chief Executive, Head of MIS, Asia Market, Investments & Structuring at Indosuez Wealth Management discussed how you will generate income in 2019.

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1. How will you generate income in 2019?

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1. How will you generate income in 2019?

We've turned from neutral to positive when it comes to equity markets. We've now turned to neutral to negative. A similar story when it comes to fixed incomes. Where we see value for our clients is really when it comes to alternatives, hedge funds, hedge fund mandates, private equity. We're quite positive on commodities, and precious metals, and in relation to that, currencies that support that, like the Norwegian kroner, the Canadian dollar, the Australian dollar, the Brazilian real. So, in those four areas we see opportunities for our clients.

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