Digital Wealth Asia Forum 2019 Singapore - Exclusive Insights - Bassam Salem

Bassam Salem of McKinsey & Company

Jun 21, 2019

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1. What does the platform of tomorrow look like?

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1. What does the platform of tomorrow look like?

Tomorrow's going to be a bit of today, combined with a lot of technology and digital solution. There will be a continuation of the reliance on the relationship managers and the investment counsellors in the industry, the product offerings that they have. But companies will continue to slowly, too slowly for me, actually, to include digital in their solutions. As opposed to looking at bits and pieces of these solutions, I think someone who looks holistically at the digital opportunity will grow much faster than someone taking it very slowly. But, for the moment, it will be a bit of this, a bit of that, and there will be a gradual marriage of the two strategies.

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