Digital Wealth Asia Forum 2019 HK - Exclusive Insights - Johanan Thomas - 3

Johanan Thomas of Refinitiv

Dec 2, 2019

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1. From raw data to insights: how can banks make the leap?

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1. From raw data to insights: how can banks make the leap?

Any firm that wants to use their data intelligently needs to first I guess, scan their data set and understand what data they have access to. Once you sort of map that out, you then need to sort of ensure that the different datasets are being housed in a single location where they can talk to each other. So currently a lot of institutions, financial institutions specifically, have data sitting in a lot of siloed platforms. Bringing that together is sort of the first step in terms of identifying valuable information. I think the second step is sort of where we come in, is developing a platform that can enable them to bring, to connect all those different systems that they have and extract the relevant client records and bring it into our data platform, which is already enabled with a lot of analytics capabilities, algorithms, machine learning, artificial intelligence, etc, and applying it to their data set.

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