Digital Wealth Asia Forum 2019 HK - Exclusive Insights - Johanan Thomas

Johanan Thomas of Refinitiv

Dec 2, 2019

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1. Can you give me some examples of how Refinitiv helps clients using data and AI?

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1. Can you give me some examples of how Refinitiv helps clients using data and AI?

Yeah, absolutely. So, I guess where certain financial institutions, the smaller ones for example, may not have a vast team of research analysts to look at every individual stock, every different asset class, and sort of publish research reports. What we do is, sort of, because of the access to a vast amount of company information, fundamental data, macroeconomic data, and price history that we have, we apply our machine learning algorithms to identify certain factors that are most predictive of future performance. What we do is score different asset classes, and securities based on these underlying factors. Using those scores on a simple sort of scale of 0 - 10, the 10 being the best performing stocks, are the ones that are most predictive of best future performance, we can simplify the research process that banks, our financial advisors, or independent financial advisors undertake where they don't need to rely on a whole separate research team, do not need to spend time reading company reports, and balance sheets. All of that is done in an automated process, and the final output is sort of a simplified score for them to understand relative to other sort of securities in their portfolio, and how that specific security can perform.

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