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Philipp Piaz of Finaport

Jan 24, 2020

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1. What are your observations on today’s event?

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1. What are your observations on today’s event?

I was very impressed. The turn up is very, very impressive. We've had, I believe, north of 400 people. The audience was very, very interested, and I count myself in there as well, to hear what new initiatives might be coming, where potential challenges lie ahead this year. I think a lot of us who joined today are here to kind of stay abreast and ahead of changes, abreast of what's happening. And I think forums like today's are very, very popular for a very good reason; you get to meet people, you get to exchange opinions, you get to meet professionals who are actually from a relevant field to these matters. And compliance these days matters to everybody. It's not just a compliance, boring, legal thing. It matters for us business owners, for us bankers, for us as people involved in the financial industry. And regulatory changes are a normal thing; staying ahead of it helps everybody.



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