Compliance in Asian Wealth Management Forum 2020 - Exclusive Insights - Philipp Piaz - Finaport

Philipp Piaz of Finaport

Jan 24, 2020

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1. How does digital help?

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1. How does digital help?

‘How does digital help?’ is actually in many, many ways very relevant to all of us, be that us on the independent side, be that the banks. Because digital will help, digital solutions help us identify a lot of problems or potential problems or challenges actually ahead of time. We have such a huge database these days of names with people who are connected with issues or potential issues that we can very early on determine ‘is it a business we want to take or not?’ Digital helps once the business is in and the client is open to monitor what's happening in the portfolios, to monitor the clients' daily or weekly or quarterly activities, and help us stay on top of what risk currently we are running. With a portfolio, with a strategy, with the current markets, I think digital has really made a very, very big impact on our jobs. And in most ways, I think it's a very good tool we have rather than something that is potentially replacing a banker or an RM.



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