Asian Wealth Solutions Forum 2019 - Testimonials - John Shoemaker

John Shoemaker of Butler Snow

Nov 13, 2019

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1. What are your observations on today’s event?

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1. What are your observations on today’s event?

It's a great event, and a point that I made on our panel this morning is the last 10 years could not have been written better from a Hollywood movie script for Singapore. Whether it starts in 2008-, 9-, 10-ish with the flight of both capital and structuring out of Europe. Then maybe some of the folks to the south of us in Australia and the New Zealand space perhaps over-regulated a bit and drove business upwards. And now with the political unrest up north in Hong Kong. We are seeing that Singapore is incredibly well situated. And so this event takes advantage of the increased interest in the space and lets outside advisors, who are visiting Singapore for other events and ones who are based here, have a good strong conversation about what the opportunities are and what great staffing we can provide, and expertise we can provide, out of Singapore.

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