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Asian Wealth Management Forum 2019 SG - Exclusive Insights - Marc Lansonneur

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1. Is there an increasing interest in ESG?

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1. Is there an increasing interest in ESG?

There is increasing interest in ESG. The issue is that interest is coming from the industry, and institutional investors, private banks, product people etc. It's not coming yet from the clients, and that's a big gap. Does ESG contribute significantly in terms of business revenue today? Not at all. Will ESG contribute significantly? My personal view, and DBS’ view, is it's a no brainer. We need to adapt the offering, to adapt to engagements, to adapt to the awareness of our clients, of our staff to ESG as soon as possible. That's a very important challenge and it requires a significant transformation of the product teams, of people’s mindset. Not just onboarding products on the shelf, that's not good enough. We are not going to achieve anything by just doing this in the Asia wealth industry.

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