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Robowealth was founded upon a single fundamental idea: getting more people to invest. Every story begins with a problem, ours was simple: investing is risky, difficult, time consuming and is perceived as expensive.

Most people do not have the investment know-how nor the time to scour through the endless streams of financial data available to us every day.

As one of the leaders in wealth tech sector, we aim to solve the “how” of investing, by providing tailored investment services to each individual investor-not just the wealthy, so that everyone can reach their financial goals. We firmly believe that by utilizing financial technology, we can make state-of-the-art financial services easily available to everyone while promoting fiscal responsibility to all.

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Robowealth’s Thai Expansion Continues Apace, Driven by Need and Propelled by WFH Robowealth is one of Asia’s more interesting and already entrenched digital disruptors, providing retail and mass affluent customers with robo-advisory asset allocation recommendations plus automated investment execution. Robowealth is targ...

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Wealth Management in Thailand: On Track to Deliver... Thailand has seen tremendous growth and development within the wealth management industry in the past five to 10 years, with local and international players upgrading and enhancing their platform and propositions as they compete for a larger slice of the action. These efforts have been generally wel...

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May 18, 2021   

Thailand – Wealth Management Update 2021 View the content created from this discussion Watch the On Demand version of this discussion Thailand has seen tremendous growth and many exciting developments within the wealth management sector in the past decade. With local and international players upgrading and enhancing their platforms a...