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Company overview:

PraxisIFM is an independent financial services group, providing private client, corporate, fund, pension and international expansion services across 17 global jurisdictions, including Hong Kong and Abu Dhabi.

Listed on The International Stock Exchange, PraxisIFM has a high number of staff owning shares, meaning our team is truly invested in the business and the services we provide to corporate clients, individuals and families.

PraxisIFM’s Private Client & Corporate Services teams specialise in the establishment and administration of a wide range of structures and provide services to achieve objectives such as asset protection, wealth and succession planning, as well as for philanthropy. In Hong Kong, those teams speak a range of Asian languages (including Mandarin, Cantonese and English) and have expertise and experience with the following:

  • Pre-IPO founder trusts
  • EBTs/ESOPs/other incentive schemes including for PRC and US tax residents
  • Discretionary/reserved power/VISTA and standby trusts
  • Trusts for US persons
  • Corporate structures, including those in Asia and elsewhere
  • Private trust companies and other services for single and multi-family offices.

We pride ourselves on our bespoke client service, tailored to best suit the needs of the families for whom we act. All members of client-facing staff are either professionally qualified or training towards those qualifications. We have excellent staff retention rates and employ people with a wide-range of linguistic and professional skills so our clients are well-served wherever in the world they choose to do business with us.

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Chinese Families & Wealth – Overcoming Key Governa... The connection between family and family business wealth in China is as deep as ever. By some estimates, family businesses in China are the most significant sector and contribute 70% of national GDP, employing around 75% of the nation’s workforce. It is therefore of vital importance to them and to t...

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Dec 3, 2020   

Chinese Families & Wealth – Overcoming Governance & Estate Planning Challenges Are HNW and ultra-HNW Chinese families from the Mainland adopting the appropriate strategies to enhance their business and family governance, to organise more structured and professional wealth planning and then to organise more effective estate and legacy transition? These and other key matters are...