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Company overview:

Neo Risk Investment Advisors Limited is a Hong Kong SFC-registered investment advisor and fund manager.

We take an innovative approach to investing that focuses on risk management to deliver superior investment results. Our approach enables us to construct investment portfolios that are resilient in volatile markets; our aim is to control risk and limit losses when markets are weak.

We use a variety of tools that are grounded in academic research but have been tested in the real world to measure, monitor and manage risk actively, including quantitative risk modeling, advanced asset allocation and derivatives.

The NeoRisk management team, led by Dr. Harold Kim, formed the core of an award-winning multi-asset investor business at an industry-leading investment firm, with decades of experience in Asian markets.


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Active Risk Management for Asian Equity Portfolios...Neo Risk Investment Advisors CEO, Dr Harold Kim, shares some of his insights on the current downturn in Asian equity markets and how active risk management improves performance during such periods.

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Sep 19, 2019   

Investment Solutions Forum 2019

We were delighted to host our annual event in Hong Kong for the Investments Community in Wealth Management.

More than 250 CEOs, senior management, product gatekeepers and RM’s at Private Banks, Retail Banks, IFAs. Independent Asset Management Firms (IAM)...

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