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Comarch Financial Services provide state-of-the-art software for major financial institutions from insurance, banking, capital markets and cyber security. Our expertise and flexibility have gained worldwide recognition with a significant portfolio of clients among insurers, banks, brokerage houses, asset management companies, mutual and pension funds, factors, and capital groups in more than 60 countries. With 25 years’ experience in the financial sector, we deliver proven and innovative IT solutions designed specifically to effectively support financial companies in empowering their business, by increasing revenues and building strong relationships with their customers and business partners.

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The Art and Science of Communication – How the Wea... The Hubbis Digital Dialogue of July 8 took an in-depth look at the art and science of communicating with private clients in today’s world. The ability to communicate effectively must be first and foremost on the list of must-haves, and it is not simply the right digital tools, but understanding when...

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Jul 8, 2021   

How are wealth managers improving communication with clients? Watch the On Demand version of this discussion View the content created from this discussion   The Hubbis Digital Dialogue of July 8 will look in-depth at the whole art and science of communicating with private clients in today’s world. A panel of private banking, wealth management...

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Comarch Highlights How to Improve Key Touchpoints in Wealth Management through Digitalisation IT solutions provider Comarch is one of the leaders spearheading the digitalisation of the wealth management and financial sectors in Asia. Grzegorz Prosowicz, Consulting Director and Parida Leelaniramol, Business Development Manager, combined to offer delegates a fascinating Workshop at the Hubbis...