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Allfunds (TICKER: ALLFG) is one of the world's leading WealthTech platforms connecting fund houses (asset managers) and distributors (wealth managers) via a comprehensive platform solution with broad range of integrated solutions.

Allfunds creates a transparent, independent, low-cost and low-risk ecosystem providing the largest fund distribution network globally with access to the world's largest universe of mutual funds and ETFs.

Distributors from best-in-class digital tools for data & analytics, portfolio & reporting, research, dealing and regulatory services.


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Capturing the Opportunities for Wealth Management... As the Greater Bay Area and Wealth Management Connect move rapidly into the spotlight, many believe there is a great opportunity opening up for the local and global wealth and asset management community to develop products, services and reach into a market of 72 million people that also houses some...

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Sep 7, 2021   

Seizing the Opportunities in Wealth Management in Hong Kong and China Watch the On Demand version of this discussion Hong Kong is, of course, the well-known traditional epicentre of the offshore wealth management industry in North Asia, serving not only clients in that region but also having over many decades carved out a formidable reputation in the global wealth...

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The Vital Importance of Fund Selection and Lessons Learned from Long Experience Tuck Meng Yee, Head of Investment Solutions Asia at fund distributor Allfunds, knows just how vital it is for Asia’s high-net-worth investors and intermediaries to select the funds they invest in wisely, amidst a proliferation of choice the world has witnessed in the past two decades and more. He ga...