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World Leading Organisations support IAF's Global Certificate Database

The International Accreditation Forum (IAF) established a global certificate database to help industry and regulators verify valid accredited certifications across the globe.

Supporters include: 3M, AIRBUS, DUPONT, S&P Global, AT&T, Marsh, SATAIR, NUPRESS, EcoVadis, Givvable, Trust Your Supplier, CRIF, FIFO Capital, Givvable, SFDA, US DOE, UNIDO, Natural Resources Canada, IEA - International Energy Agency, IATF - International Automotive Task Force, IAQG - International Aerospace Quality Group, GATAN, Global Harmonization Working Party, Clean Energy Ministerial, Consip, Dental Trade Alliance, ISO Technical Committee, Material Exchange, Quest Forum, EFAC, ABCB, Gattorna Alignment.

IAF CertSearch, currently includes around 650,000 valid Management System certifications from over 150 economies which represent approximately 40% of Management System certifications globally.

World leading organisations have written to the IAF to encourage IAF members to support mandatory uploading of accredited certifications to the database so that it's 100% populated which will provide industry with a reliable and efficient means of verifying the validity of certifications across supply chains and borders.

Strong interest has been received from companies seeking to verify ESG related certifications across the globe as they implement net zero strategies i.e. ISO 14001 Environmental Management, ISO 50,001 Energy Management, The International Accreditation Forum said in a press release.

IAF members will vote whether or not certification bodies will be required to upload all valid certifications to the database for the purpose of verification on July 4th 2022. IAF has conducted thorough market research to understand the level of interest from industry. So far over 10,000 organisations have participated in surveys indicating overwhelming support for the database to be 100% populated.