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Whampoa Group Welcomes Former JPMorgan Executive in Bahrain

Whampoa Group, a Singaporean multi-family office, has onboarded Ali Moosa, previously an executive from JPMorgan, to strengthen its digital banking division in Bahrain.

Ali Moosa has taken on the role of executive vice chairman for Singapore Gulf Bank (SGB) - the digital banking extension of Whampoa Group situated in Bahrain.

With a stellar three-decade tenure at JPMorgan, Moosa's last position was the regional head and vice chairman overseeing Central and Eastern Europe, the Middle East, and Africa. His expansive portfolio also includes board positions at several Bahraini institutions such as the Bahrain Economic Development Board, Bahrain Association of Banks, Bahrain's Future Generations Fund, the American Chamber of Commerce in Bahrain, and Gulf Air.

Future Roadmap for SGB

Whampoa envisions SGB to provide digital banking services on a global scale, catering to institutions, innovators, and investors. By tapping into FinTech and distributed ledger technologies, they aim to offer solutions in asset and wealth management, as well as international trade.

SGB's objectives also encompass bolstering the crypto sector and fostering stronger financial links between Asia and the MENA region. Thanks to its privileged status as one of the five entities possessing the "Golden License" in Bahrain, SGB enjoys seamless access to governmental services and other perks. Whampoa Group has hinted at further high-level recruitments in the near future.

Anchored in Singapore, Whampoa's establishment has been marked by eminent personalities such as Amy Lee, related to the late Lee Kuan Yew, and Lee Han Shih, a noted member of the OCBC banking lineage.