Vanda Global Capital launches The Green Finance Indexing Programme

Vanda Global Capital has launched The Green Finance Indexing Programme to forge crucial alliances between investors and green technology companies.

There has never been a more urgent need for green energy, resilient and sustainable infrastructure and agriculture, and eco-friendly solutions from electric vehicles to solar power to combat climate change.

Through its new green financing platform — targeting USD3 billion in projects value over 10 years — Vanda Global Capital seeks to increase the level of financial flows (from banking, micro-credit, insurance and investment) from the public and private sectors to sustainable development priorities. A key part of this is to better manage environmental and social risks, and take up opportunities that bring both a good rate of return and environmental benefit and deliver greater accountability.

Vanda’s Green Finance Indexing Programme identifies purist and transitional projects in Singapore and around the world that fit its proprietary green taxonomy matrix. Depending on their specific requirements and needs, the programme also stratifies and accelerates venture work projects to maturity via an investors’ architecture of financial instruments.  

This latest initiative fortifies Vanda’s legacy of innovation and thought-leadership in the financial market to develop a world-class ecosystem of businesses focused on the future of mobility, connectivity and sustainability. “We know great things never came from comfort zones. What continues to drive us forward is our belief in empowering people today to build a better future for the next generation,” says Low Wei Ling, CEO of Vanda Global Capital.  

The company’s green financing platform will synthesize work in stages and in multiple quantum divisions and closures. This helps to prevent over-valuation or hyper-valuation in an inflationary and rising-interest-rates environment, so that the companies and projects thrive and remain in business sustainably. “The sequentialization will be inclusive, from growth startups to larger companies. This is because when companies are at a growth stage, after having survived the initial startup years, with proper guidance, they will be nimbler and more flexible in embracing the principles of environmental social governance (ESG) and green finance”, Low says.

Vanda Global Capital and its partners will also support companies towards harnessing digitalization on IoT and blockchain to achieve data integrity and quality. Low explains, “A quantitative approach ensures the transparent monitoring and reporting of a company’s immediate and long-term performance, including the risk metrics to determine its suitability for investments and fulfilment of sustainable outcomes, such as ESG goals.”  

Adopting a risk-based approach to achieve successful outcomes, Vanda will also work with ratings agencies to promulgate suitable projects ripe for significant capital raising. “As investments rise and government backing strengthens, the future of green financing is undoubtedly promising,” Low says.