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Trade360 unveils New Trading Platform

Global CFDs trading provider Trade360 has announced that it has made its new online trading platform live.

The platform includes a host of new features, the firm said in a press release, as well as an updated user interface, which places each single trading operation at no more than 2 user events away.

Jon Richard, Company Spokesman for Trade360, said: “The latest developments in CFD trading, increased demands of more highly dedicated and market-savvy users have led to new requirements from what used to be scaled down browser-based platforms.”

Innovation Up Front

Trade360's new platform features over 100 technical indicators and charting instruments, plus the ability to set a Specific Leverage for each position without having to contact one's account executive, the firm reports. Another new feature is the unique Profit/Loss simulator that immediately assesses target levels based on spread.

But perhaps the most important new feature will be Individual Deal Protection – the ability to purchase insurance when opening a position. That and further innovations are expected for the product's second phase.

Positive Customer Impact

Following 18 months of development, the product has now been available in its Phase-1 Beta version for the past 3 months, and users are expressing unmitigated approval with the ease of use and execution performance.

Steve Smith, Brand Ambassador, Trade360, said: “It's amazing how so much has been squeezed into the home screen without making it seem cluttered. At a single click, you can access a proper chart with all the tools, update your account, open a position with all the stops and limits, and it's all totally intuitive. It makes me proud to be a part of it all.”

Always at the Crest – Never at the Tail

The new platform comes on the heels of Trade360's latest AtoZ award and product innovations.

“A company like ours cannot afford to be still for a minute. The competition in financial services is growing fiercer by the minute, and what distinguishes Trade360 is our technological edge. Our CrowdTrading technology will also be an integral part of the new platform, of course. By now, our traders have come to depend upon it nearly as much as they do on the swift technical analysis the platform affords. I believe we're still the only company around offering a true sentiment indicator that provides immediate and updated user-action data from throughout the entire trading community,” said Richardson.

Product Availability

The new Trade360 platform is immediately accessible – no downloads required – on our revamped website. Users can also access the fully-functional mobile version for tablets and cellular phones through both Google's Play Store and Apple's Appstore.