The Insurance Collective and KoiZai Entered into Collaboration Agreements To Offer Career Coaching and Mentorship Support To Users of the KoiZai

KoiZai has announced a collaboration with The Insurance Collective (TIC), a Singapore based Social Platform that offers services to the Insurance Advisory community in Asia. The TIC members are a vibrant online community dedicated to enhancing the growth of insurance businesses and careers. This partnership aligns perfectly with KoiZai's vision, as KoiZai believes in the power of collective support and knowledge sharing.

Through this collaboration, KoiZai users will access valuable coaching and mentoring services The Insurance Collective offers. One standout service TIC provides is the Business Canvas, an exceptional Awareness and Diagnostics Consultancy Programme. This program aims to clarify the core aspects of an adviser's advisory career and business by developing defining strategies and fostering business growth.

KoiZai recognizes the importance of career and business development for KoiZai users, as it plays a crucial role in achieving long-term success in the financial services industry. This partnership marks a significant milestone in empowering KoiZai users to tap into TIC's expertise and benefit from their exceptional services.