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The Financial Plannings Association of Malaysia and KoiZai Enters into a Collaboration Agreements To Enhance Its Cloud Based Finacial Advisory System for Members

KoiZai has announced a collaboration between KoiZai and the Financial Planning Association of Malaysia (FPAM) to enhance their cloud-based financial advisory system for FPAM members. This partnership aims to elevate FPAM's standards by providing members with an improved and robust Advicetech system, branded as 'Powered by KoiZai.'

Through this collaboration, KoiZai aims to offer an approach that enhances and advances Malaysia's current financial management systems and technology. The extensive knowledge and expertise provided by FPAM are invaluable in tailoring the KoiZai system to meet the expectations and future challenges of the Malaysian financial advisory industry. By working together strategically, KoiZai strives to meet FPAM's high standards while enabling KoiZai to support FPAM members better.

Together with FPAM, KoiZai shares a vision of continuously improving the development of professional financial advice, suitability, and services offered by FPAM members to their clients. This collaboration represents a significant milestone in our ongoing pursuit of excellence and innovation in financial planning.