Robotic Process Automation for corporate clients in China

Deutsche Bank and its Blue Water Fintech Lab recently launched a Robotic Process Automation (RPA) commercialization program by introducing a multibank Data Processing and Reconciliation Solution, its first commercial product.

Deutsche Bank is the first international bank in China to offer this innovative solution to its corporate clients through a direct service model.

The RPA tool aims to help corporate treasurers automate and streamline complex processes, making it easier for them to provide management with real-time data and actionable insights for decisive strategies.


Chintan Shah, Deutsche Bank’s Head of Corporate Coverage for APAC and Head of Cash Sales said, “Having invested significantly in our technology and our own digital transformation over the past few years, we firmly believe that it will power the development of innovative services, deliver new digital solutions and help us move even closer to our clients by embedding our services in their platforms.”


Rachel Whelan, Deutsche Bank’s APAC head of Cash management, “The evolving state of digital finance means business customers expect more modern technologies a part of their corporate banking engagements. Our new RPA solution allows clients to manage automated reconciliations and makes the business process lean and efficient. This is a first step in supporting our clients on their digital transformation journey.”

Yi Zhu, Head of China Innovation and Fintech Products of Corporate Bank, said” “we listen closely to clients’ needs in rolling out fintech solutions. Adopting a two-step strategy from proof of concept (POC) to commercialization, we have successfully extended from bank channels to clients' supply chains and transformed from technology empowerment to value empowerment. It is our goal to create a win-win ecosystem between banks and enterprises by integrating resources and new technology.”