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OpenLegacy to support Shimane Bank in Accelerating its Digital Transformation

OpenLegacy will reportedly be supporting Shimane Bank to enhance its digital platforms, having been selected by the bank.

This milestone marks OpenLegacy's official entry into Japan, after a strategic investment of USD20 million from SBI Holdings earlier in 2020, the firm said in a press release. A team of local go-to-market experts, delivery consultants and partners have been employed to serve the market.

Shimane Bank is seeking to improve the digital experience of its customers. With OpenLegacy, core banking logic in legacy systems can be quickly extended to the Internet and mobile applications, says the firm.  A Proof of Concept was performed successfully in late 2019. Given the positive results, both teams are now in the midst of a full-scale implementation to accelerate the digital transformation of the bank.

Joseph Wong, General Manager, Asia, OpenLegacy, said: “We're delighted to team up with Shimane Bank to better serve their customers. Shimane Bank's customers are expecting to do more in today's world, and we provide the means to achieve this with speed, agility and cost savings.  We look forward to a successful long-term partnership with the bank.”