Moomoo Celebrates Financial Literacy Month with Investment-related Quiz and Prizes

Moomoo, the professional investing app offering zero-commission trading, launched an investment-related quiz with prizes to celebrate National Financial Literacy Month in April and promote public financial intelligence.

Due to overwhelming user participation and enthusiasm for the event, moomoo is doubling the size of the prize pool by adding another 500 AAPL shares, bringing the total to 1,000 shares.

Users can test their financial literacy with 10 short questions, and if they answer all questions correctly, they may get one share of AAPL. To be eligible to receive one share of AAPL from the prize pool, a participant needs to: correctly answer all 10 investment-related questions in the quiz; deposit over $5,000; and maintain average daily assets of over SGD5,000 for 60 days.

Since the launch on April 1, moomoo users have actively participated in the event, which runs until the end of April. Nearly 10,000 users had taken the quiz as of April 11, and the number of participants is still increasing rapidly, meaning the original prize pool of 500 APPL shares intended for the first 500 eligible users will soon run out.

Participants have unlimited attempts to correctly answer all questions.