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Liechtenstein - VP Bank Chairman, Thomas Meier, to Step Down from Role

VP Bank, the private bank based in Liechtenstein, is preparing for a change in leadership on its board of directors, as the current chairman, Thomas Meier, has announced that he will not seek re-election at the upcoming annual general meeting. Having served for a total of six years and two terms as chairman, Meier's decision signals the need for the bank to identify a new leader for its board.

In a media release issued on Friday, it was stated that the early announcement of Meier's departure is aimed at facilitating a smooth transition and enabling the bank to actively search for a suitable successor. Thomas Meier's association with VP Bank began in 2018 when he was elected to the banking group's board, and he assumed the role of chairman in 2020. During his tenure, Meier played a pivotal role in shaping the bank's strategic direction, making his departure a notable event in the institution's history.

The board expressed its regret over Meier's decision to step down, recognizing his contributions to the bank's development. The official farewell and vote of thanks to Thomas Meier are scheduled to take place at the annual general meeting on April 26, marking the moment when he will formally hand over the reins of board leadership.