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Leading Financial Services Companies Use Applitools Visual AI to Deliver Better Apps Faster

Applitools, a provider of a next generation test automation through Visual AI and Ultrafast Test Cloud, has announced it has grown its annual recurring revenue in the financial services sector by more than 200 percent year-over-year.

Applitools serves the world's largest commercial banks, credit card providers, insurance companies, stock brokerages, financial technology (FinTech) companies and more, the firm said in a press release.

The sharp rise in Applitools Visual AI usage among the global financial services (FinServ) industry is obvious. Like many large corporations, FinServ companies must reliably test and validate mobile apps, online web portals and pages, and PDF documents at scale with greater velocity and with compliance requirements in mind. Delivering a flawless customer experience became even more business-critical in 2020 as mobile apps and websites became the face of financial brands and ultimately the only interaction point between banks and their customers.

Customer expectations for how an application functions, how it appears on any screen, and how accessible it is puts pressure on engineering teams to build and deploy CI/CD pipelines for faster feedback cycles and time to market capabilities. Integrating Visual AI into a FinTech stack is rapidly decreasing cycle times and increasing the quality of digital properties across individual consumer accounts and wholesale business accounts alike.

“Thanks to Applitools Visual AI and Ultrafast Grid, we are able to quickly catch browser specific defects that our functional tests cannot,” said Joe Emison, co-founder and CTO of Branch Financial, Inc. “Applitools has proven to be essential in validating that our application is production ready and that our customers' experience is unrivaled.”

According to the Top 4 Emerging Trends in Financial Services from Gartner Research, “The focus on customer digital experience will continue to increase” and “Investments in artificial intelligence will continue to increase sharply.”* Applitools Visual AI is computer vision technology built upon machine learning algorithms with data from more than one billion images analyzed. This automation technology helps FinServ product and engineering teams rapidly deliver high-impact features and flawless user experiences faster than ever before.

“Financial services companies differentiate through an ultra-responsive approach toward delivering new products and services,” said Torsten Volk, Managing Research Director at EMA Research. “Applitools leverages AI to accelerate the release lifecycle, maximizing team productivity for app development.”