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KGI Asia launches KGI Asia Sage, a new Wealth Management Service

Reached US$1.5 billion in AUM in just two short months Expect it will grow by 100% within one to two years

KGI Asia officially launched "KGI Asia Sage", a new wealth management service.

KGI Asia Sage provides clients with wealth management needs in Asia. We take a holistic and forward-looking approach to wealth management by exploring opportunities and developing customized wealth solutions to help our clients protect and preserve the wealth of their families and future generations.

The launch ceremony held earlier last Wednesday was officiated by Mr. William Fang, President of KGI Securities, Mr. Reddy Wong, Chief Executive Officer of KGI Asia, Mr. Patrick Lin, Head of Global Markets, KGI Asia, Mr. Kevin Tai, Head of International Wealth Management of KGI Asia and Mr. Antony Kristanto, President Director of KGI Asia Indonesia.

William Fang, President, KGI Securities, says, "KGI Securities has a long history of operating in the Asian financial markets, including Taiwan, Hong Kong, Singapore, Indonesia, and Thailand. We provide forward-thinking and customized investment services and financial products, thanks to our customer-centric approach and innovative capabilities."

Reddy Wong, Chief Executive Officer of KGI Asia, says, "It is no secret that due to strengthening economies, greater savings, and new wealth creation, Asia Pacific affluence is on the rise, to cater to this market, we have proudly decided to launch KGI Asia Sage, an exciting and brand-new customized wealth solution that focuses on protecting and preserving the wealth of our clients' families and their next generations. We believe that wealth management business will be key to KGI Asia in the years ahead."

With a 25-year history in Hong Kong, KGI Asia is one of the region's leading financial brands. We are committed to providing wealth management, brokerage, investment banking, fixed income and asset management services to corporate, institutional, and individual clients. Firmly backed by our parent company, KGI Securities Co. Ltd. and China Development Financial Holding Corporation in Taiwan, and a robust Asia network that spans Taiwan, Hong Kong, Singapore, Indonesia, and Thailand, we are dedicated to helping our clients explore cross-border investment opportunities.


Kevin Tai, Head of International Wealth Management KGI Asia, says, "We understand that clients not only rely on traditional ways to manage their wealth, but also take into account total wealth solutions at every stage of their lives. At KGI Asia, we take a holistic approach to wealth management, explore opportunities, and develop customized solutions to help our clients explore cross-border investment opportunities. KGI Asia Sage has provided client with wealth management services with investable assets over US$250,000 this year. In just two short months, we have successfully reached US$1.5 billion in AUM, and we expect it will grow by 100% within one to two years. We are determined to become a preferred wealth management partner in Asia within the next three to five years."

With a strategic focus on wealth management, our 300 relationship managers partner with our specialists from the Investment Strategy Team and Product Team to help our clients navigate through volatile markets. Drawing on our extensive experience, industry knowledge, research-based advisory services, and strong execution capabilities, we leverage our group-wide expertise to craft sustainable wealth solutions tailored to our clients' goals and risk tolerance throughout the wealth cycle.

A range of products and services exclusive to KGI Asia Sage clients includes:

  • A broad array of investment products, including securities, bonds, investment funds, and structured investment products.
  • Customized investment solutions and portfolio advisory services.
  • With our portfolio leveraging and tailored financing options, and preferential financing interest rates, the potential returns and purchasing power of clients' investment portfolio/IPO subscription can be enhanced.
  • To assist clients with cross-border investment needs, we provide one-stop service to assist clients with identity authentication via our service providers in Asia.
  • KGI Asia's exclusive "Wealth Insights" provide the latest market trends, along with KGI Asia Sage exclusive investment strategies.

To learn more about KGI Asia Sage, please visit via https://www.kgi.com.hk/en/sage.